Coros™ LINX Smart Helmet

Safety. Music. Calls. Navigation. Data.

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Kickstarter is a big success thanks to our backers!

Our Kickstarter campaign is now complete. Thanks to everyone who participated and backed us. Together we achieved over 600%+ of our funding goal and 2,000+ backers. We are a top 1% funded campaign of all time, and the #2 most funded helmet (all helmets) all time on Kickstarter. Seattle was the largest city contributor, which is very fulfilling to have our own community support us.

Now the campaign is over, please be prepared to answer the survey that is sent to you. Once you complete the survey – providing info on color, size, and address – we will start the delivery process. We will continue to update the community on the Kickstarter site. Thanks again for your support!

Stay connected. Love your ride.

There is no cycling helmet quite as smart as the Coros LINX. With Coros Ultimate Audio Platform we've wirelessly put all that you love about smart phone technology on your head and at your fingertips, as you ride. Let your music push you. Get direction prompts. Hear your route status and performance updates. Stay reachable by phone and be safely aware of your surroundings so you can rock out and ride on as you desire.

What People Are Saying

"Sounds great and you can still hear oncoming cars."

John, Age-Group Triathlete and Commuter

"It does all the sound through the bone conduction. So, my ears are free to hear all the traffic..."

Robin, Ironman & Ultra-cycling Athlete


The Coros LINX is a smart bike helmet that makes sense

"While cycling apps are thick on the ground, a full gadget ecosystem is hard to come by. Seattle startup Coros is looking to change that with the LINX, a helmet-app combo."

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Check it out: DC Rainmaker's first ride with Coros LINX

This week, well-known sports tech and cycling gear blogger DC Rainmaker (Ray Maker) filmed Coros LINX Smart Helmet as he spinned the streets of Paris! Check out his entertaining video here.

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Featured as one of 15 New Products Triathletes Will Love

The Coros smart cycling helmet is high-tech to the max. Bluetooth technology allows for two-way audio via a smartphone, and open ear bone conduction eliminates wires and earbuds.

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