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Receive help from COROS

If you encounter issues with your COROS watch or the COROS app and need help, please check the watch guide for detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips. If the issue remains, please contact the support team at COROS.

Usually we will ask you to submit a feedback on the COROS app so that our team can access your history data logs for diagnosis and investigation. To submit a feedback, please go to the Profile page and scroll down to select Feedback.

COROS values data privacy and security and implements the utmost protection procedures to safeguard your data. COROS can’t access your history data unless you submit a feedback on the COROS app.

Please note that the feedback system isn’t actively monitored by the COROS team and is used for troubleshooting only. Please contact the support team via email, phone call, social media or other channels for immediate response to your case.