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Workout page

Locate your workout

View and filter out workout history on this page. All workouts are displayed by default. You can tap on “All Workouts” to select a specific workout type to view the data history.

Swipe left on an activity to delete. There is no recovery after deletion, even if the data is still on your watch.

Tap on “< 2019” on the top left corner to view the monthly summary. Tap on a month to show the workouts completed within that month.

Tap on “Statistics” on the top right corner to view the weekly, monthly and yearly workout snapshot for running, biking or swimming.

Workout details

This page displays important post-workout data so that you can analyze and understand your workout better.

GPS Track
Outdoor workouts will display a GPS track. Tap and hold your finger on a number on the track to view the data snapshot for each lap. Tap on the map to enter map mode. You can zoom in/out, move the track and change display layers. An overlay graph with pace and elevation data is located at the bottom. Tap and hold your finger on the graph to display workout time, pace and elevation data along the track.

Data Graphs
Tap on the data graphs to expand and view in widescreen. Select the metrics you want to overlay from the top. Tap and hold your finger on the graph to display the readings for each selected metric at the specific workout time. A vertical dotted line on the graph indicates a pause during the workout.

Heart Rate Zone
The Heart Rate Zone table displays the total workout time you spent within each heart rate zone. It can be a useful training indicator. You can modify the heart rate zones on the COROS app via the Profile page > Profile Settings > Heart Rate Zone.

Training Effect
Training Effect measures how effectively this workout improves your fitness level based on heart rate performance and workout time.

Lap Details
Tap on the lap table to expand and view additional data in widescreen. You can also view data in km/mile splits based on your unit setting for the COROS app.

Edit Workouts
Tap on the top right first icon to edit the workout name/distance. Editing the workout distance won’t affect the data summary in your COROS account or the data uploaded to the 3rd party platforms.

Share Workouts
Tap on the top right second icon to share your workout details page via a full length image or a more creative watermark image to social media and other apps.

Export Workouts
Tap on the top right corner to export data. Select the data format you would like to export for this workout. GPX and FIT are popular formats with wide applications. Then select the supported apps to receive the exported file. For instance, you can use email apps to send the file to yourself and download it to your desktop.

Save Route
If the workout has a GPS track, you can also tap on the top right corner to save this route to the COROS app under “Navigation Route Library” section on the Profile page. Navigation and route import features are supported by the APEX, APEX Pro and VERTIX models. Watch this how-to video to learn more about route import.