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Daily data

This page provides detailed daily, workout and sleep data for current day and any previous date. Each bar on the data graph represents 30 minutes’ worth of data.

Tap on each section to expand the graph and select to view data of current day, week, month and year. Tap and hold on the graph to display detailed info.

Active Energy
This section displays estimated calories burned during workout modes and fast walking (over 130 steps/min). This number may seem low because COROS doesn’t include metabolism into the estimation.

Exercise Time
This section displays the time of brisk activity you completed such as workout modes and fast walking (over 130 steps/min).

This section displays step data estimated by your arm’s movement. No GPS tracking is involved in calculating steps. Driving and other activities may affect the step counter.

Heart Rate
COROS watches provides continuous heart rate monitoring 24/7. On this graph you can view the maximum and minimum heart rate data. A different heart rate history graph is accessible on your watch via the Heart rate widget. Heart rate data is taken every second in workout modes.

You can change the daily heart rate frequency between every 1 minute and 10 minutes on the COROS watch
  • - Main watch face > System > Sensors > Optical HR > Daily HR > Enhance | Every 10 min.

COROS watches track your sleep during nighttime hours and provide detailed sleep analysis such as your sleep cycle and heart rate data. Sleep data can only be recorded after 7PM on each day. It may take several hours before the sleep data shows up on your COROS app.

This section displays the workout summary and type. Tap on each workout to view the workout details page.

Advanced data

The data types listed below are only available on the page of the current day.

Training Load
Applies to all workout modes. Initial reading requires 3 moderate outdoor runs. Training load helps avoid excessive training and fatigue. It also helps adjust the intensity and duration of your training. Training load readings may take several hours to be updated to your COROS app.

Tap to expand the graph and scroll left to view the monthly data history.

Fitness Index
Applies to Run, Trail Run and Hike modes. After three 20-min outdoor runs, you will be able to view VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold and Threshold Pace data. Please input the resting heart rate and maximum heart rate on the Profile page to ensure the accuracy.

Tap to expand the graph and scroll left to view the monthly and yearly data history.

Fitness Level
Applies to Run, Trail Run and Hike modes. This is a fitness and endurance evaluation metric based on the fitness index. Heart rate and pace readings are the main factors in the calculation.


Tap on the calendar icon on the top left corner and select a date to view your history data.

Close the outer yellow ring by reaching the daily active energy goal. Close the inner red ring by reaching the daily exercise time goal.

Select a date to display a red bubble and show the active energy, exercise time and completed workout types at the bottom. Tap on the “Date >” to view the detailed daily data.

Tap on “Today” located at the top right corner to return to the current date.