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UltraMax GPS mode

UltraMax GPS mode utilizes GPS, motion sensors and proprietary algorithms to extend the battery life during outdoor running workouts without sacrificing too much of the tracking accuracy. For every 120 seconds, the GPS is switched on for 30 seconds. COROS’s Intelligent Stride algorithm along with motion sensors will kick in for the remaining 90 seconds.

Every outdoor run using full GPS mode and calibrated indoor run improve the Intelligent Stride algorithm and enhances the tracking of your next running workout in weak or no GPS signal conditions including workouts in UltraMax mode.

To enable the UltraMax GPS mode, please start an outdoor running workout such as Run, Trail Run and Hike. Then press and hold the BACK/LAP button to open the toolbox/shortcut menu. Scroll to locate the UltraMax setting and switch it on.

It is recommended to calibrate the compass before using this feature.