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Sync with the COROS app

After a workout is finished, the watch will sync data automatically to your COROS account on your phone if Bluetooth connection is established. If you don’t see the updated data on the COROS app, please tap on Today page, pull down and release the page until the top section shows syncing progress.

Data sync failed

If you encounter issues with data sync between the watch and your COROS app, please follow the steps below.

  • Check if your workout data is saved correctly on the COROS watch
    • Main watch face > AI Trainer > scroll down and select workouts to view.
  • Restart the Bluetooth function on your phone.
  • Ensure the Bluetooth connection is established between the watch and your phone.
  • Open COROS app and perform a manual sync on Today page by pulling down and releasing the page.

If the issue remains, please follow the steps below.

  • On the Device page from the COROS app, tap on the watch image and locate the “Remove” option down below. Tap on it to remove the device from the COROS app.
  • On your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection page, forget/delete the watch.
  • Restart both the phone and the watch.
  • Pair the watch to your phone via the COROS app.

If the issue remains, please check the iOS App store/Google Play store for new updates for the COROS app.

Please don’t delete the COROS app if you have data syncing issues. Otherwise your data may be lost and can’t be recovered. Contact for more help.