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Ski mode


Select to begin your workout.


Activity Alert
Select to change workout alerts.
  • - Distance Alert (auto lap)
    • Enable to receive alerts and record a new lap automatically when the preset distance is reached.
  • - HR Alert
    • Enable to receive alerts when the HR is outside of the preset zone.
  • - Restore Defaults
    • Select to restore the default settings.
Auto Run
Select to enable auto detection of downhill and lift laps.
  • - Downhill laps will be displayed in white background.
  • - Lift laps will be displayed in black background.
  • - Use the BACK/LAP button to manually start a new downhill or lift lap.

Supported data types

Time of Day, Total Time, Workout Time, Downhill Time, Downhill Distance, Laps, Calories, Speed, HR, Grade, Avg. Speed, Avg. HR, Max. Speed, Max. HR, Elevation, Downhill Descent, Battery, Vertical Speed, Lap Downhill Time, Lap Distance, Lap Speed, Lap HR, Lap Max. Speed, Lap Downhill Descent.