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Trail Run mode


Select to begin your workout.


Navi. Settings (available on APEX, APEX Pro and VERTIX) Select to change navigation related settings.
  • - Select one route to navigate among the stored routes on the watch.
  • - Start Course
    • Select to begin the workout in navigation mode.
  • - Elevation Details
    • Select to preview the elevation details for this route including total ascent/descent, max elevation and distance.
  • - Start Point Direction
    • Select to choose the start point for this route.
  • - Map Direction
    • Select to choose the heading of the navigation mode between true north up or heading up.
  • - Deviate Course Alert
    • Select to enable or disable the off-route alert. Once enabled, the watch will alert you every minute if you remain deviated from the route.
Activity Alert Select to change workout alerts.
  • - Distance Alert (auto lap)
    • Enable to receive alerts and record a new lap automatically when the preset distance is reached.
  • - Pace Alert
    • Enable to receive alerts when the pace is outside of the preset zone.
  • - Cadence Alert
    • Enable to receive alerts when the cadence is outside of the preset zone.
  • - HR Alert
    • Enable to receive alerts when the HR is outside of the preset zone.
  • - Restore Defaults
    • Select to restore the default settings.

Auto Pause
Select to enable auto pause of your workout using GPS when you remain still.

Select to enable metronome and help you train at a consistent rate.

3D Distance
Select to enable 3D distance.
  • - 3D distance utilizes elevation gain to calibrate the distance compared to 2D distance. The best scenario to use 3D distance is when the speed and elevation gain are both high like skiing.

Supported data types

Time of Day, Total Time, Workout Time, Distance, Laps, Calories, Cadence, Stride Length, Pace, Speed, HR, Avg. Cadence, Avg. Stride Length, Avg. Pace, Avg. Speed, Avg. HR, Max. Speed, Max. HR, Lap Time, Lap Distance, Lap Cadence, Lap Stride Length, Lap Pace, Lap Speed, Lap HR, Elevation, Total Ascent, Total Descent, Battery, Stamina, Aerobic TE, Anaerobic TE, Last Lap Time, Last Lap Pace, Last Lap Speed, Last Lap HR, Lap Ascent, Lap Descent, Last Lap Ascent, Last Lap Descent, Vertical Speed, Grade.

Running Power, Running Efficiency, Ground Time, Left/Right Balance, Stride Height, Stride Ratio (available when the watch is paired with the COROS POD).