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Pool Swim mode


Select to begin your workout.

Pool length

Select the correct pool length.
  • - 25 meters
  • - 50 meters
  • - 25 yards
  • - 33.3 meters
  • - 33.3 yards
  • - Custom


Activity Alert
Select to change workout alerts.
  • - Distance Alert (auto lap)
    • Enable to receive alerts and record a new lap automatically when the preset distance is reached.
  • - HR Alert
    • Enable to receive alerts when the HR is outside of the preset zone.
  • - Restore Defaults
    • Select to restore the default settings.

Supported data types

Time of Day, Total Time, Workout Time, Distance, Lengths, Calories, HR, Avg. Strokes/Len, Avg. Pace, Avg. HR, Avg. Stroke Rate, Avg. SWOLF, Last Length Strokes, Last Length Pace, Last Length HR, Last Length Strokes Rate, Last Length SWOLF, Lap Time, Lap Distance, Lap Strokes, Lap Speed, Lap HR, Lap Stroke Rate, Lap SWOLF, Battery, Last Lap Time, Last Lap Pace, Last Lap HR.

Pool Swim tracking

COROS watches support and automatically detect 4 major stroke types in Pool Swim mode including Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly. You can easily change the pool length setting on the watch to meet your need.

Distance is measured and detected when you make a turn. If you don’t use a flip turn, please make sure to include arm movements that are substantially different than stroke movements during the turn.

The pool swimming tracking algorithms are equipped with machine learning mechanism. As a result, please make sure that your strokes and turns are as standard as possible for the first 3 laps. This will affect how the watch tracks the remaining laps of your pool swims.

If your watch can’t accurately measure the distance, please try the following steps.

  • Swim a lap with the correct pool length setting. For example, 25 meters.
  • Change the pool length to 50 meters and finish a lap.
  • Change the pool length back to the correct length, 25 meters, and finish a lap.
  • This should calibrate the watch and fix the distance issue.