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Open Water mode


Select to begin your workout.


Activity Alert
Select to change workout alerts.
  • - Distance Alert (auto lap)
    • Enable to receive alerts and record a new lap automatically when the preset distance is reached.
  • - HR Alert
    • Enable to receive alerts when the HR is outside of the preset zone.
  • - Restore Defaults
    • Select to restore the default settings.

Supported data types

Time of Day, Total Time, Workout Time, Distance, Lengths, Calories, Strokes, Pace, Stroke Rate, HR, Avg. Stroke Rate, Avg. Stroke Length, Avg. SWOLF, Lap Time, Lap Distance, Lap Strokes, Lap Pace, Lap HR, Lap Stroke Rate, Lap SWOLF, Lap Stroke Length, Battery, Last Lap Time, Last Lap Pace, Last Lap HR.

Open water tracking

COROS watches support freestyle stroke types in Open Water mode for accurate GPS tracking. Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly styles don’t have a guaranteed GPS tracking.

In order to ensure the GPS tracking accuracy, please wait until you receive a confirmation from the watch about GPS acquisition before jumping into the water. Make sure to provide substantial amount of time for the watch to stay out of water during your strokes as GPS signals can’t travel underwater.