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Import workout data from non-COROS devices to the COROS account

If you have completed workouts on non-COROS devices, please follow the steps below to import data to your COROS account.

  • Go to the User Login portal from or
  • Log in to the portal with your COROS account credentials.
  • Click on Workout History to view workouts saved on your COROS account.
  • Click on Import Data to upload a zip file.
    • This feature is in beta testing.
    • This portal only supports .zip files archived from a FIT file to be uploaded. You can archive one or multiple .FIT files.
    • Currently supports the following workout types: run, indoor run, mountaineering, hike, trail run, bike, indoor bike, pool swim (Garmin only), open water swim, multi-sports (Garmin only).
    • After the import, log out and log back in to your COROS app. Then you will see the imported data.
    • Please contact for more help.