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Why can’t I receive notifications?

Do Not Disturb mode

Check if you have activated DND mode which will mute push notification alerts on your watch. However, you should still be able to receive notifications from your phone and access those on the Notifications widgets.

Bluetooth connection

Check if your watch is still connected with your phone. If the Bluetooth connection is lost, a Bluetooth disconnection icon will show up on the main watch face. “Please Connect to App” will appear on the Notifications widget. On the COROS app, you can’t manually sync the data by pulling down Today’s page.

Please follow the steps to fix the Bluetooth connection.
  • On the Device page from the COROS app, tap on the watch image and locate the “Remove” option down below. Tap on it to remove the device from the COROS app.
  • On your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection page, forget/delete the watch.
  • Restart both the phone and the watch.
  • Pair the watch to your phone via the COROS app.

Alternatively, you can try performing a hard restart on your watch. Press and hold the CONFIRM button for at least 15 seconds, or until you see the COROS logo. This will not reset your watch or delete any data.

For Android users experiencing connection issues every time the Bluetooth is restarted, please try changing the Bluetooth AVRCP protocol version in Developers settings and restart the phone.

For iOS users, please check on your phone whether you have disabled Bluetooth access for the COROS app.
  • Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth > COROS > ON.
  • Settings > Bluetooth > COROS watch > "i" icon > Share System Notifications > ON.
  • Settings > Notifications > Show Previews > Always.
  • Settings > Notifications > Scroll down and select "Message" > Scroll down and select Show Previews > Always.

Notifications setting on the COROS app

On the COROS app > Device Page > Notifications (tap on the watch image for APEX Pro and VERTIX) > check if you have enabled notifications.