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Backlight and screen visibility


Notifications, alerts, raised wrist, and button operations will activate the backlight for 10 seconds. The brightness of the backlight should be enough for darker environments or indoor use. Unfortunately, you can’t change the brightness level of the backlight.

Backlight is one of the main battery killers. In order to extend the battery performance, please watch for the backlight use.
  • - Main watch face > System > More > Gesture Backlight > OFF.

Screen visibility

Due to the nature of the LCD screen used on COROS watches, the visibility is the best when used in outdoor environments under direct sunlight. The stronger the sunlight is, the better the screen visibility is. Below are solutions to enhance the visibility during workouts.

  • - Turn on White Background feature on the watch.
    • - Main watch face > System > Workout Interface > Background Color > White.
  • - Select Large in the font size option on the watch.
    • Main watch face > System > Workout Interface > Font Size > Large.
  • - Reduce the number of data metrics on the workout data page by changing the frame on the COROS app.
    • COROS app > Device page > Custom Interface > select workout mode > select a data page > select the desired frame.
  • - Turn on Night Mode on APEX Pro and VERTIX for low brightness level always-on backlight. Once activated, the mode will last till the next sunrise.
    • Main watch face > Toolbox/shortcut menu > Night Mode > ON.

APEX, APEX Pro and VERTIX models are equipped with more durable and scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Due to the nature of the sapphire material, the visibility is slightly affected compared with other less durable screen materials.

VERTIX may have a slightly dimer screen than the other COROS models due to the diamond-like coating on the screen that provides outstanding durability and scratch resistance.