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System menu

In this menu, you can adjust the following settings.

Do Not Disturb

Select to switch on/off Do Not Disturb mode for push notification alerts.

Workout Interface

Background Color
Select the background color for workout data pages.
  • - Black
    • Black background with white font.
  • - White
    • White background with black font.
Font Size
Select the font size for workout data pages.
  • - Medium
    • Default font size.
  • - Large
    • Enlarged font size.
    • Activated after 5 seconds on the data pages.
    • Letters will be hidden once activated.
Auto Scroll
Select to automatically scroll the data pages at a certain interval.
  • - 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10s | OFF
Touch Scroll (available on APEX Pro, VERTIX)
Select to swipe up and down to change data pages without unlocking the screen.
  • - ON | OFF
Msg. & Call Alerts
Select to enable push notification alerts during workouts.
  • - ON | OFF

Pair Phone

Select to open the QR code for the watch pairing process.


Calibrate Elevation
Select to calibrate elevation using GPS or manual entry.
  • - GPS
    • - Multiple calibrations may result in different elevation readings due to the GPS technology limit.
  • - Enter Elevation
Select to change the barometric reading type and history data range for the Barometer widget.
  • - Data Source
    • Station Pressure
      • Station pressure is measured at a station without any altitude adjustment like from a house or the top of a mountain. It will change at various altitudes.
    • Sea-level Pressure
      • Sea-level pressure is the station pressure adjusted to the sea level. It is often used for predicting weather changes at current altitude.
  • - Schedule
    • Last 6 | 12 | 18 hours.
  • - Storm Alert
    • Select to enable storm alerts when a possible storm is imminent.
  • - (i) Baro. Direction
    • Displays the information about the arrow seen on the barometer widget page.
      • Arrow pointing downwards indicates potential stormy weather.
      • Arrow pointing upwards indicates potential clear weather.
      • The arrow consists of 2 parts. The left part shows the info 3-6 hours ago and the right part shows the last 3 hours.
Optical HR
Select to change the heart rate related settings.
  • - Daily HR
    • Enhanced
      • Records heart rate every minute during Standby mode.
      • This setting will decrease the battery life for up to 50%.
    • Every 10 min.
      • Records heart rate every 10 minutes during Standby mode.
  • - Broadcast Heart Rate
    • Select to broadcast heart rate readings captured by the wrist-based optical heart rate sensor on your COROS watch to supported ANT+ accessories such as bike computers.
Calibrate Compass
Select to calibrate the compass following the instructions.


Add ANT+
Select to search and add new ANT+ supported accessories. Supported accessory types include heart rate chest straps, bike power meters, speed sensors, cadence sensors and bike trainers. Running pod isn’t supported and may be added via future updates.

Added List
Select to view and manage the list of added accessories. Press the CONFIRM button to delete an accessory.