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You can adjust more watch settings on this menu.


Select to change the system language.
  • - English | 简体中文 | 繁体中文 | Deutsch | Español | Français.

Watch Face & Theme Color

Select to choose among 5 watch faces stored on the watch and theme color options. Download new watch faces from the COROS app.

Gesture Backlight

Select to change the gesture backlight options. Backlight will activate when you raise your wrist.
  • - Auto
    • Activated between the sunset and sunrise time. For example, 5:05 PM – 8:06 AM.
    • Disabled automatically during the sleep hours set up on the COROS app.
  • - All Day
  • - OFF

Wrist Hand

Select to change your watch wearing hand.
  • - Left | Right

Digital Knob

Select to choose the location and rotation direction for the digital knob.
  • - Knob Location
    • Left | Right Side
    • Left Side will flip the screen 180 degrees.
  • - Knob Rotation
    • Clockwise Up | Down
  • - NOTE: The recommended setup for right-handed users is Left Side for Knob Location.


Select to change vibration settings for buttons and alerts.
  • - Key Vibration (press and scroll)
    • ON | OFF
  • - Alert Vibration
    • ON | OFF


Select to change tones settings for keys, messages/calls, alarms and activity alert.
  • - Key Tones
    • ON | OFF
  • - Msg. & Call Tones
    • ON | OFF
  • - Alarm Tones
    • ON | OFF
  • - Activity Alert Tones
    • ON | OFF

Auto Lock

Select to change the auto lock settings for the standby mode and workout mode.
  • - Standby Mode
    • Screen locks after 2 minutes of inactivity.
      • Scroll to unlock | Hold to unlock | OFF
  • - Workout Mode
    • Screen locks after 5 seconds of inactivity.
      • Scroll to unlock | Hold to unlock | OFF
    • NOTE: Scrolling the knob can still change workout data pages under Hold to unlock mode.
NOTE: PACE users can find Auto Lock setting via main watch face > System > Workout Interface > Auto Lock > ON | OFF.


Select to change the unit on the watch.
  • - Imperial (feet) | Metric (meters)


Select to change settings including 24-hour, Auto Sync, Time Zone and Time/Date.
  • - 24-Hour
    • ON
    • OFF (displays time in 12-Hour format)
  • - Auto Sync
    • ON (when you sync the watch with the COROS app, watch is automatically updated to your phone time)
    • OFF (changing the time zone or setting the time will automatically disable the auto sync mode)
  • - Time Zone
    • Select the preferred time zone.
    • NOTE: It is recommended to turn on auto sync mode so that time zone will be updated automatically when the watch is synced with the COROS app.
  • - Set Time
    • Select year, month, day, hour and minute.
    • NOTE: It is recommended to turn on auto sync mode so that time and date will be updated automatically when the watch is synced with the COROS app.


Select to change the GPS mode for workouts. All modes are in 1-second full GPS mode.
  • - GPS Normal
    • Uses American system of navigational satellites and provides generally good global coverage.
    • Uses a combination of American based system (GPS) and Russian based system (GLONASS). This may provide enhanced tracking performance in challenging and high-altitude environments.
NOTE: GPS+GLONASS may have higher battery consumption than GPS Normal mode. To further extend the battery life during outdoor running workouts, please turn on UltraMax GPS mode via Toolbox/short menu > UltraMax > ON.

GPS Satellite Location Data

Select to view the remaining valid duration of GPS satellite location data stored on your COROS watch. Maximum duration varies from 3 to 7 days depending on the watch model. Valid duration is required for a fast GPS acquisition time.

When this data expires, the GPS signal acquisition time may take substantially longer and over 2 minutes. If your outdoor workout is started without successfully acquiring the GPS signal, the GPS tracking and other workout data will be affected heavily.

Sync your watch with the COROS app usually updates this info automatically. Occasionally you may need to manually update this on the Device page of the COROS app. If you travel over 200 miles / 322 km away from the last satellite connection, please manually update this on the COROS app.

Altitude Alert (available on APEX Pro, VERTIX)
Select to switch on/off Altitude Alert mode. When elevation is above 2500 meters or 8250 ft and heart rate is higher than normal, your watch will alert you.

Device’s Info
Select to view watch ID and hardware/software version info.
  • - Device ID
    • This 6-digit ID is used for online product registration and feedback/bug reports.
  • - Software
    • oThis is the current firmware version of your COROS watch. Check out the release notes for the latest firmware info.

Reset All

Select to perform a factory reset. All settings will be restored to the factory default. All data will be removed.

This doesn’t affect the data stored on your COROS account. Please always sync your watch with the COROS app before resetting the watch.

Turn Off

Select to turn off your COROS watch.