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Temperature widget

You can easily access widgets from the main watch face by scrolling up and down. Press the CONFIRM button on certain widget pages for additional information.

NOTE: you can’t open the main menu from widget pages. Return to the main watch face first.

This widget displays the following info.
  • - How to use this data?
    • Measure the water temperature for swimming activities.
    • Measure the air temperature.
      • Take off the watch and let it sit still for 30 minutes for accurate air temperature.
      • NOTE: the temperature will be affected by body heat if worn on your wrist or under the sleeve.
  • - Last updated temperature in Celsius °C (metric) or Fahrenheit °F (imperial).
    • Change the unit on your COROS watch – main watch face > System > More > Units > Imperial | Metric.
  • - Maximum, minimum and average temperature in the last 6 hours.
  • - Temperature graph in the last 6 hours.
    • Press the CONFIRM button and scroll to view the temperature data in the last 24 hours. Swipe left and right to view on APEX Pro and VERTIX.
  • - Temperature is recorded every 10 minutes.