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Barometer widget

You can easily access widgets from the main watch face by scrolling up and down. Press the CONFIRM button on certain widget pages for additional information.

NOTE: you can’t open the main menu from widget pages. Return to the main watch face first.

This widget displays the following info.
  • - Last updated barometric/atmospheric reading in hpa (Hectopascal Pressure).
    • Unit change doesn’t apply to this reading.
  • - Maximum, minimum and average barometric/atmospheric reading in the last 6 hours.
  • - Barometric/atmospheric graph in the last 6/12/18 hours.
    • Press the CONFIRM button and scroll to view the barometric/atmospheric data in the last 24/48/72 hours. Swipe left and right to view on APEX Pro and VERTIX.
      • Change the history data display range – main watch face > System > Sensors > Barometer > Schedule > Last 6 | 12 | 18 Hours.
    • Switch between Sea-level Pressure/Station Pressure.
      • Main watch face > System > Sensors > Barometer > Data Source > Station Pressure | Sea-level Pressure.
      • Station pressure is measured at a station without any altitude adjustment like from a house or the top of a mountain. It will change at various altitudes.
      • Sea-level pressure is the station pressure adjusted to the sea level. It is often used for predicting weather changes at current altitude.
    • Provides weather forecast using the arrow displayed on the top of the page.
      • Arrow pointing downwards indicates potential stormy weather.
      • Arrow pointing upwards indicates potential clear weather.
      • The arrow consists of 2 parts. The left part shows the info 3-6 hours ago and the right part shows the last 3 hours.
  • - Barometric/atmospheric data is recorded every 10 minutes.