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Receive notifications from your phone

If you can’t receive notifications on your COROS watch, please follow the steps below.

  • - Ensure that your phone isn’t on Sleep or DND mode.
  • - Ensure that your COROS watch isn’t on DND mode.
  • - Ensure the Bluetooth connection is established.
  • - Ensure the Notification setting on the COROS app is correct.

Android users please follow the steps below if you can’t receive notifications or connect with your phone.

  • Restart the Bluetooth
  • Ensure that the watch isn’t connected to another phone
    • Main watch face > System > Pair Phone > QR code.
    • If the 6 digit ID is different from the one shown on the Device page of the COROS app, please contact
    • If the QR code pages shows that the watch is connected with a phone, you can’t pair the watch with another phone unless the first phone is disconnected with the watch.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth and restart your phone. Then turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Reset the COROS watch if the unsynced data on the watch isn’t important. Otherwise please don’t reset the watch as the data will be removed on the watch and can’t be recovered.
  • Please also don’t uninstall the COROS app.
  • Recent Android systems may be prone to Bluetooth connectivity issues seen on many Bluetooth devices. Please do a quick online search and seek help from Android user forums, webpages and troubleshooting groups.

iPhone users please follow the steps below if you have trouble receiving text messages on your COROS watch. This is resulted from the iOS 13 update which affected many Bluetooth devices.

  • On your iPhone > Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth > COROS > ON.
  • Settings > Bluetooth > COROS watch > "i" icon > Share System Notifications > ON.
  • Settings > Notifications > Show Previews > Always.
  • Settings > Notifications > Scroll down and select "Message" > Scroll down and select Show Previews > Always.