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Icons on the watch face

COROS watches can display a variety of data on the main watch face. Some data may not be available on certain watch faces.

The data on a COROS watch face is either default or changeable.
  • - Default data can’t be changed within the same watch face option such as time of day, day of the week, date, calories and exercise time.
  • - Changeable data can be toggled by pressing the BACK/LAP button such as battery percentage, steps, elevation, sunset time, sunrise time, etc.

Icons overview

  • Exercise time
  • Active energy (calories)
  • Battery percentage (charging)
  • Elevation
  • Step counter
  • Floors climbed
  • Sunrise time
  • Sunset time
  • Bluetooth disconnected
  • Do not disturb


Unfortunately, the only customization you can do on the main watch face is the theme color. Certain watch faces don’t support color customization. You can’t delete or arrange what data to be displayed on the main watch face.