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Can’t unlock the COROS watch?

If a tiny lock sign shows up on the watch face when you operate the buttons, you need to unlock the watch display first. This prevents any button mis-operation that may affect your daily and workout usage. Depending on the Auto Lock mode, you can unlock the display by the following steps.

  • Auto Lock – Hold to Unlock
    • - Press and hold the Digital Knob or the BACK/LAP button to unlock the display
  • Auto Lock – Scroll to Unlock
    • - Scroll the Digital Knob in any direction until the meter bar reaches top.
  • Here’s how to adjust the Auto Lock mode setting:
    • - Main watch face > System > More > Auto Lock > Standby Mode | Workout Mode > Scroll to Unlock | Hold to Unlock | OFF
  • Once Auto Lock mode is activated, the display will automatically lock if:
    • - Display is idle for 2 minutes in Standby mode
    • - Display is idle for 10 seconds in Workout mode