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Update the firmware on your COROS watch

COROS makes it easy and hassle free to keep your watch updated with the latest firmware so that your watch can receive new features and bug fixes. No need to plug the watch to your computer and open the update software anymore.

If a new firmware version is available, you will notice a popup message or a red dot on the Device page. Simply tap on “Firmware Update” to start downloading and updating the new firmware to your COROS watch. Keep your COROS watch and smartphone in Bluetooth range. Don’t shut down the COROS app during the update process.

No firmware updates available?

If there’s no new firmware available for your watch to update, please check the COROS app version. The latest COROS app version is required for the firmware update. Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to update the COROS app.

The current firmware release notes can be found at this link. Please check if you have the latest firmware on the watch.