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Connect the COROS watch with your phone and the COROS app

You will need a smartphone running on the iOS or Android system and the COROS app to set up and use your COROS watch. Please follow the steps below to connect the COROS watch with your smartphone.

  • Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone.
  • Download and install the COROS app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the COROS app and log into your COROS account.
  • Go to the Device page from the bottom bar , tap on “Add New Device” and select the correct watch model.
  • Use the COROS app to scan the QR code on your COROS watch. If you no longer have the QR code page on your watch, here’s how to bring it back on – main watch face > System > Pair Phone.
  • If you don’t wish to scan the QR code, you can also tap on “Pair COROS Watch Manually” and select the correct watch on the list.
  • Accept the Bluetooth pairing request on your phone and grant necessary access to your COROS watch. Otherwise certain features may not work including notifications and pairing.
  • Complete the system setup including wearing hand, digital knob location, notifications preference and others on the COROS app.
  • Update the firmware on your COROS watch if needed.

Disconnect your COROS watch

  • Open the COROS app and go to the Device page.
  • Tap on the watch image and scroll down to select Remove.
  • Remove your watch from the COROS app will not delete the data saved to your COROS account.
  • Open Bluetooth settings page on your phone and forget/delete your COROS watch.

Pair your COROS watch with a new phone or COROS account

  • Disconnect your COROS watch from the old phone or COROS account.
  • If you can’t completely disconnect your COROS watch, you will need to reset the watch – main watch face > System > More > Reset All.
  • Log into your COROS account on the new phone.
  • Follow the pairing process listed above.


If you can’t connect the watch with the COROS app or have notification issues on the watch, please follow the steps below to fix the Bluetooth connection.
  • On the Device page from the COROS app, tap on the watch image and locate the “Remove” option down below. Tap on it to remove the device from the COROS app.
  • On your smartphone’s Bluetooth setting page, forget/delete the watch.
  • Restart both the phone and the watch.
  • Follow the pairing process listed above to connect the watch.

Alternatively, you can also try performing a hard restart on your watch. Press and hold the Power button for at least 15 seconds, or until you see the COROS logo.

For iOS users, please go to the system settings on your phone and check whether you have disabled Bluetooth access for the COROS app.
  • On your iPhone > Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth > COROS > ON.
  • On your iPhone > Settings > Bluetooth > COROS PACE > "i" > Share System Notifications > ON.