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Charge the COROS watch

Begin charging

  • Please locate the charging cable for your COROS watch.
  • Plug the charging cable into a USB power adapter or a computer.
  • Connect the charging cable with your COROS watch.
    • APEX, APEX Pro and VERTIX
      • Make sure the cable is fully inserted to the back of your COROS watch.
      • The cable is not magnetic and will not snap in automatically.
    • PACE
      • Please clip the cable onto the side of your COROS watch. Make sure the metal pins from the watch and the cable are in contact.
  • When charging begins, the watch will power on automatically. Watch face will display the current battery percentage.
  • When the charge is full, your COROS watch will display a green circle and a 100% battery status.

Check current battery percentage

Follow the steps below to check the current battery percentage for your COROS watch.

  • On your watch, look for this icon on the main watch face. The number followed is the battery percentage. If you can’t locate this icon, press the BACK/LAP button to toggle the data on the main watch face.
  • On the COROS app, tap the watch image on the Device page after added your COROS watch. Look for this icon under the watch ID. The number followed is the battery percentage.

Save power when battery is low

You can extend the remaining battery life on your COROS watch by following the steps below. Please always charge the watch before the battery reaches 0% to prevent permanent damages to the battery.

  • Disable the Gesture Backlight feature.
    • Main watch face > System > More > Gesture Backlight > OFF.
  • Disable vibrations.
    • Main watch face > System > More > Vibration > Key | Alert Vibration > OFF.
  • Disable tones.
    • Main watch face > System > More > Tones > Key | Msg. & Call | Alarm | Activity Alert Tones > OFF.
  • Turn on UltraMax GPS mode for outdoor running workouts.
    • Main watch face > Run | Trail Run | Mtn Climb (available on APEX Pro, VERTIX) | Hike > On the Start page press and hold BACK/LAP button > UltraMax > ON > Press BACK/LAP to return to the Start page.
  • Disable phone notifications.
    • On the COROS app > Device page > Notifications > Disable all notifications > ON.


  • If the watch doesn’t power on and the screen is black even with charging, please follow the steps below to restart the watch.
    • Charge the watch for over 2 hours even if the screen doesn’t turn on.
    • Remove the charging cable from the watch (this step is very important).
    • Press and hold the knob for over 15 seconds or until the COROS logo shows up.
    • Please don’t press both buttons on your COROS watch at the same time. Otherwise the COROS watch will enter Inactive mode and will not respond to normal operation or charging. Please power off the watch if you plan to stop using it - main watch face > System > More > Turn Off.
  • If the watch can’t maintain a stable charging status, please check if the power outlet voltage is too high/low. Switch over to a computer or a standard USB power adapter and try again.
  • Please check if the metal pins are clear of debris. Disconnect the cable from power and rinse the watch and the cable. Let them air dry and try again.