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Operate the COROS APEX Pro watch

Start, turn off, restart and reset

  • - Start
    • Press and hold the top button (LIGHT) for 2 seconds or until the COROS logo shows up.
  • - Turn off
    • Main watch face > System > More > Turn Off
  • - Restart
    • Press and hold the top button (LIGHT) for 15 seconds or until the COROS logo shows up.
    • Alternatively, turn off the watch by main watch face > System > More > Turn Off. Then turn it back on.
  • - Reset
    • Main watch face > System > More > Reset All.

Device Overview

  • 1 (LIGHT):
    • - Press to activate and deactivate backlight
    • - Hold to power on and restart the watch
  • 2 (Digital Knob/CONFIRM):
    • - Rotate to switch the selection up and down
    • - Rotate to switch the daily widgets
    • - Rotate to switch data pages in workout modes
    • - Rotate to zoom in and out in Navigation mode
    • - Press to confirm a selection
    • - Press to open main menu
    • - Hold to finish a workout
  • 3 (BACK/LAP):
    • - Press to return to the previous screen
    • - Press to record a lap or rest during workouts
    • - Press to skip to the next session in Interval Training mode
    • - Press to change the display of different data on the main watch face
    • - Hold to open Toolbox/shortcut menu
    • - Hold to exit Stopwatch and Timer feature pages

Can’t turn on the COROS watch?

  • Charge the watch for over 2 hours even if the screen doesn’t turn on. 
  • Remove the charging cable from the watch (this step is very important).
  • Press and hold the LIGHT button for over 15 seconds or until the COROS logo shows up to restart the watch.

Please don’t press both buttons on your COROS watch at the same time. Otherwise your watch will enter Inactive mode and will not respond to normal operation or charging. Please power off the watch if you plan to stop using it - main watch face > System > More > Turn Off.

Can’t unlock the COROS watch?

If a tiny lock sign shows up on the watch face when you operate the buttons, you need to unlock the watch display first. This prevents any button mis-operation that may affect your daily and workout usage. Depending on the Auto Lock mode, you can unlock the display by the following steps.

  • Auto Lock – Hold to Unlock
    • - Press and hold the Digital Knob or the BACK/LAP button to unlock the display
  • Auto Lock – Scroll to Unlock
    • - Scroll the Digital Knob in any direction until the meter bar reaches top.
  • Here’s how to adjust the Auto Lock mode setting:
    • - Main watch face > System > More > Auto Lock > Standby Mode | Workout Mode > Scroll to Unlock | Hold to Unlock | OFF
  • Once Auto Lock mode is activated, the display will automatically lock if:
    • - Display is idle for 2 minutes in Standby mode
    • - Display is idle for 10 seconds in Workout mode